Now that Christopher Nolan has completed hi “Dark Knight” saga, he is moving on to other non-comic related opportunities. While he is signed up to be the “godfather” of the DC Comics universe at Warner Bros., he has no intentions at this time to direct any more comic book movies. Instead, he is returning to the sci-fi genre and has his next movie, “Interstellar,” scheduled for a November 2014 release date.

Some of Nolan’s best movies have been in the fantastical sci-fi genre. Here is a look at his groundbreaking work.

“The Dark Knight” Trilogy

While Nolan tried to keep his Batman movies grounded in reality, the fact of the matter is that they are based on a comic book superhero and includes gadgets that are very much over-the-top. Nolan said on many occasions that he did not want anything in the movies that could not exist in real life, but Batman’s toys were still high tech scientific creations, ones that logistically could exist, but were really just made for this superhero movie.

The best sci-fi movies feature scientific items that can realistically exist, and the “Dark Knight” trilogy is no different.

“The Prestige”

Speaking of scientific fact mixed with high concept fiction, Nolan took a short break from his Batman work in 2006 when he directed the interesting movie “The Prestige.” In the film, Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale are rival magicians involved in a tragic love triangle with Scarlett Johansson. The entire movie is based on illusion, yet Nolan brings in a real life historical character in Nikola Tesla, as he combines the advent of Tesla’s inventions in the area of electrical engineering with the mysteries of magic.

The science fiction aspects includes a transportation machine that Tesla builds, but it ends up with a more logical explanation at the end, something that Nolan masterfully constructed to meld the real and the fantasy into one.


While both the Batman films and “The Prestige” were based in reality, there is nothing about “Inception” based in reality, and this movie might be Nolan’s true masterpiece. The movie presents men who are able to enter a person’s mind and then steal information from their memories. The team included an architect, who designs the false memories they implement in someone’s mind to trick them into revealing their secrets, and a team of individuals who infiltrate the mind, all while playing various roles.

The movie is one of Nolan’s most complex stories, but pays off in the end for anyone who pays attention and gives it a chance. With a masterpiece like “Inception” in his back catalog, hopes are high for “Interstellar.”

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